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An exclusive beauty house that offers a unique beauty experience. The sophistication of Barbra Hair Salon & Spa is reflected in its owner Barbara Ballan, Executive Entrepreneur and Business Woman whose vision of extending beauty lines beyond the limits of what is allowed is on the rise day by day. At Barbra Hair Salon & Spa, we employ talented makeup artists and beauty experts with incredible skills to enhance beauty in our Beauty Expert Team.
Barbra Hair Salon & Spa is a leading Miami celebrity salon and beauty salon in its own right. We do magical transformations for our clients incorporating all the services offered, including complete makeovers.
At Barbra Hair Salon & Spa, you are guaranteed to receive a celebrity treatment.

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Barbra Hair Salon & Spa, "The Place where All Queens Meet" with its exclusive bouquet of services, is one of the most exclusive hair salons in Miami Florida offering a complete "spa salon" experience in the US. Barbra Hair Salon & Spa employs many of the best hairdressers and estheticians in the country. We pride ourselves on making each experience as unique as you are, and we continually improve our services to exceed your expectations.

An exclusive destination in Miami, State of Florida that offers a complete range of services in order to improve health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments. From manicure and pedicure stations to a complete nail bar.

It also features hair services such as cutting, styling and coloring, a makeup section, and spa services offering ultra-stylish and ultra-comfortable treatment rooms with the finest linens and spa equipment. The spa offers massages in a variety of styles: traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue work, hot stone massage, reflexology, Thai, etc.


Hwo We Are

By providing the highest level of the most innovative services on the market to its growing clientele, Barbra Salon & Spa continues to exceed industry standards. The brand operates its Beauty Boutique in Miami Downtown Miami, conveniently located inside the Double Tree Grand Hotel which sits in between 2 other Major hotels; The Marriot Biscayne Bay and Hilton Biscayne. This makes an idea salon for people visiting Miami and Stay downtown, and more so, for Wedding Parties. Barbra Salon & Spa is dedicated to provide the latest trends and create an experience for you, rather than just the usual "appointment." with a view to continuing to expand its presence regionally and globally in the coming years.



Barbra Salon & Spa strives to provide a world-class, innovative and empowering salon experience to exceed all expectations. Using exclusively high-end products and the expert skills of our carefully selected artists and designers, we aim to guide, inspire and highlight the individual beauty of each of our clients.



Known for her entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit, Barbara Ballan aims to become the leading 5-star beauty brand both regionally and internationally, providing an unparalleled set of exclusive services, facilities, products and technologies to individual clients, businesses and professionals. of beauty.


Culture of innovation and continuous improvement, as well as its forward-thinking spirit, Barbra Salon & Spa is a brand that thrives on relentless growth and evolution.

To promote her legacy, Barbra Ballan relies on the innovative ideas of her niece Anabell, who is an active and progressive figure, who is also exploring active promotion models through Social Media, selling and promoting a family brand established for many years. with options to become a marca for a while that would catapult the brand to iconic global status and help her realize her long-standing entrepreneurial vision for Barbara Ballan.


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We are located inside

The Grand DoubleTree Hotel

in Downtown Miami



1717 North Bayshore Dr, Suite 112 Miami, FL 33132


(305 ) 372-8116

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